KADDZ – the smart GPS collar for cats

All cats are naturally curious and love the freedom to explore, have adventures and be independent. Thanks to the KADDZ GPS cat collar your beloved pet is always well-protected and can go out discovering and adventuring without you ever having to worry.
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What does KADDZ do?

Because the KADDZ GPS cat collar goes wherever your little tiger goes day and night, you can always see where he/she is and so share in their adventures and help out whenever assistance is needed.

Where's your lovely cat?

You always know where your cat is and where they enjoy spending most of their time, whenever they leave the safety of your house.

Does your cat need help?

KADDZ notifies you whenever your cat leaves his/her normal territory, or lingers longer in a dark or dangerous place.

Did your cat get lost?

In search mode, the GPS cat collar transmits your cat’s exact position to your phone every 20 seconds. So you can quickly bring your furry friend back home whenever you need to.

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Smart technology for you and your cat

KADDZ is a one-of-a-kind cat collar. Thanks to GPS & GSM technology it continuously collects data about the position of your cat and what he/she is up to – every 20 seconds in search mode. Thanks to mobile technology, you can follow the life and share the adventures of your little Tiger in real time on your smartphone.

Long battery life

The battery lasts up to 4 days in “Battery Saver” mode. The GPS cat collar includes two rechargeable batteries so that you can charge one while the other is in use.

Small and light

Weighing just 46 grams, KADDZ is also perfectly suited to all sizes of cats, from small adults upwards. Most cats get used to wearing their new collar in no time.

Simple battery exchange

You can easily switch the empty battery with the newly charged one.

Works in 200 countries worldwide

KADDZ transmits its data with the 2G mobile network from Telit. This network covers approximately 200 countries worldwide.


Magnetic safety clasp

The collars’ clasp opens when 3 kg of force is applied, so nothing can happen to your cat if it gets stuck somewhere. Your phone app makes it easy to find it again.

Light and sound signal

You can activate light and sound on the cat collar via your smartphone, so you can find your cat in a basement or a garage.


The collar is made for outdoor cats and is waterproof (IP67 protection).

Data subscription

The GPS collar needs a monthly data subscription.

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A snap

The KADDZ app

With the KADDZ app get all the information you need about your cat on your smartphone or tablet. The data sent by the GPS cat collar is shown on an interactive map – so you always know where your cat was last, what paths they traveled and whether it’s asleep or on the prowl. Incidentally, you can register and track multiple collars at once.
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With KADDZ you can share in your cats’ adventures, always knowing where your cat has just been, plus you can find your pet easily again if it strays from home.
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KADDZ GPS cat collar works with a subscription

The monthly service fee includes the following services:

  • Data transfer
  • Creation of statistics displayed in the app
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates
  • Technical support
Fact sheet (PDF)

KADDZ in action