The KADDZ collar was developed for outdoor cats and is suitable for life outside: The collar is protected against rain, snow and dirt (IP67 protection).

With its patented 360° safety lock and simple battery change feature without the need to remove the collar, the KADDZ GPS Cat Collar is unique in the market. Unlike most currently available locators, our cat collar is fully optimized with GPS / GSM to meet the needs of cat owners:

  • Patented 360° safety lock which opens at an adjustable tensile force of 2, 3 or 4 kg.
  • Collar incl. battery weighs 46 grams.
  • The battery run time is 5 to 7 days and depends on the reception quality, the field of application and the selected mode. Simple battery change without having to remove the collar.
  • KADDZ is equipped with an accelerometer, two light sensors, a LED light and a buzzer for sending an acoustic signal.

It uses GPS positioning, continuously collecting data for locating your cat and showing all his/her activities and communicates via the GSM mobile network..

In normal mode, the GPS cat collar’s battery lasts for 5 days. Two batteries are supplied with the collar so that you can charge one battery while the other is being used. Incidentally, the battery can be changed without taking the collar off your cat and it only takes seconds.

With a weight of only 46 grams, the KADDZ GPS Cat Collar is also well suited for small, adult cats. Most cuddly cats quickly get used to their new collar. KADDZ is also equipped with an accelerometer, two light sensors, a LED light and a buzzer for sending an acoustic signal. Thanks to the LED light and the buzzer, you can easily find a lost collar, or your lost Kitty.

The GPS KADDZ collar continuously transmits data on the position and activity of your beloved pet. Even if your cat is sitting in a basement with no mobile reception, you can narrow the search using your cat’s last known position. Other products convey the position of your cat only on request, so when a runaway cat travels out of the reception area, he/she becomes impossible to find.

With the KADDZ GPS cat collar, the position of your cat can be found anywhere phone reception is available. So KADDZ is also ideal for cats who like to take big trips – unlike radio trackers, KADDZ even works over long distances thanks to its SIM card.

You can buy the KADDZ GPS Cat Collar from the KADDZ Online Shop ( The first series to be produced has already sold out and new orders for the second production run in late 2015 are already coming in. The collar can be ordered thereafter according to stock availability.

A collar with a GPS chip and an implanted TASSO chip are not comparable and we recommend that all cat owners get a chip for their cat. The collar allows the owner to find their cat.

Since the chip is located under the skin, it can only be read by persons with special reading devices (e.g. police, vets). This is both the “strength” and the “weakness” of the system. Since the identification can only be performed with a reading device, either the reading device has to be brought to the cat or the cat to the reading device. But unfortunately the effort involved often proves to be too great an inconvenience for the finder and so a found animal often goes unreported.

In Switzerland (where the figures are published) 323,000 cats are registered (as of 31/12/2013). In 2013, 513 cats were identified thanks to chip implantation and registration, but during that same period, between 8,000 and 16,000 cats disappeared.

It can therefore be said that the two systems are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. The chip used brings security but the owner has no means of finding their cat quickly and easily on their own unless they also use the KADDZ GPS cat collar.

Dogs have been a topic of discussion since the launch of our company. But dogs have very different requirements, meaning that the electronics would be similar, but the software would be very different. A dog is rarely as completely autonomous as a cat; for a dog, activity tracking is more important. Furthermore, a dog can carry a much bigger battery, although it does not even have to constantly wear the collar. For a cat, it is sufficient if you get a new position every 15 to 20 minutes (if you want to know where he/she is when you are at the office,). But for dogs you want a much more accurate tracking system when you take him for a walk. You see, there are a number of key differences we want to devote ourselves to, prior to introducing a collar for dogs.

To use the KADDZ GPS cat collar, you need a valid KADDZ subscription; Wi-Fi coverage at home; and a smartphone / tablet (iOS, Android).

  • An active subscription is required to use the cat collar.
  • You need an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet pc for the installation and use of the free KADDZ app. If you already own one of these smartphones, you can install the app directly on this phone. In the future, you will also be able to fix your cat’s position using a web browser. Go to Apple’s App Store or Google Play and enter “KADDZ” into the search box and click “Search” or use one of the following icons to bring up the store. Then install the KADDZ app on your smartphone.
  • Wireless coverage at your home is needed, the signal range of the wireless network is called ‘home zone’. If your cat leaves the home zone wearing the KADDZ collar, you will receive a notification on your KADDZ smartphone app. This ‘’virtual fence’’ is especially suitable for use indoors and saves the battery.

For the search mode, the KADDZ app needs your own exact location and, accordingly, a tablet containing a GPS module. Unfortunately, there is no way to install and use the KADDZ app on an Android tablet without GPS because we need the device’s exact location to enable the search mode.

The KADDZ app is available for smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android). You get everything you need to know about your cat delivered to your smartphone, and in the future to your web browser too, via the KADDZ app.

INSTALLING the APP on your smartphone

Go to Apple’s App Store or Google Play and enter “KADDZ” into the search box and click “Search” or click one of the following icons to bring you to the store. Download the KADDZ app and then install the app on your smartphone.

The KADDZ app is now ready to go on your smartphone and can be started by clicking on the KADDZ symbol.

The iPhone version of the KADDZ app works on the iPad, but it’s still not a pure iPad app. The app also works well on an Android tablet. The KADDZ app needs your exact location (FINE LOCATION) for the search mode and, therefore, a tablet that contains a GPS module. Unfortunately, there is no way to install and use the KADDZ app on an Android tablet without GPS because we need the device’s exact location to enable search mode.

A web version of the app (PWA) is planned for the future.  The version for the web browser therefore works in a very similar way to the smartphone app:

  • Sign in with the same username and password
  • You will see a map with your family and your cat
  • You can change the main settings directly from the browser

What comes later is the “search mode” via the browser. For the search mode, we need the latest position of the user; this can be determined theoretically on a PC (inaccurate), but it doesn’t make sense for someone with a notebook in their hands to be looking for a cat at night. A smartphone will therefore continue to be required. Conversely, the browser version will offer features that make little sense on a smartphone. For example: We want the user to define zones that are associated with certain actions or threats, such as a “danger zone” (large construction sites, factory areas, roads, etc.). If your cat is in this area for a long time, an alarm is triggered. Drawing such a zone ID on a smartphone is generally very tedious and inaccurate, so that is something that we prefer to offer for a browser.

The KADDZ GPS cat collar can be used in approximately 200 countries worldwide – you can find the country list hiere:

In “Battery Saver” mode, the battery of the GPS KADDZ Cat Collar lasts up to 4 days however in general the battery run-time depends on the reception quality, the field of application and the selected mode. The collar comes with two batteries so that you can charge one battery while the other is being used. Incidentally, the battery can be changed without taking the collar off your cat and this is completed in seconds.

With the GPS KADDZ Cat Collar, the position of your cat can be found anywhere where phone reception and a clear path to the GPS satellites are available. Since the data is sent via the GSM network, there are no restrictions on the reach of the KADDZ GPS transmitter. Therefore, KADDZ is also ideal for cats who like to venture further afield. Unlike radio trackers, KADDZ even works across great distances, for instance anywhere in Europe, thanks to its SIM card.

You get all the necessary information about your cat on the KADDZ app for smartphones.

In normal mode, the KADDZ app shows you on a map where your cat was a few minutes ago.

You can see whether your runaway cat is in a dark place (for instance a cellar).
You’ll be notified automatically when your cat spends a long time in a foreign building or basement.
You know when your cat has left or entered your home (home zone).
You will receive a message if your cat leaves his normal territory (e.g. your yard).

Screenshot_2015-04-17-20-10-06 Screenshot_2015-04-17-21-14-50 Screenshot_2015-04-20-20-09-37 Kolumbus-Interesting-Path


If your cat is missing, you can activate the search mode. In search mode, the collar sends data every 20 seconds and you can track your cat on the KADDZ smartphone app. In search mode, you can see where and how far away from you your cat currently is and the built-in light source (LED) and an acoustic signal (buzzer) switch will also make locating your cat easier. If your cat just happens to be in a location where no cell phone reception is available, you will see the last place from which the collar sent an update on the app. Then search the area for your cat – such as in basements or other locations where reception is not available.


As a rule of thumb: The more data you send, the shorter the life of the battery and the more radiation is emitted by the collar (like your mobile phone if you send an SMS). Therefore, we recommend only turning on search mode whenever necessary.

You can identify and monitor an unlimited number of cats at the same time with the same KADDZ app. You can see the cats on the map and each cat has its own profile page, where you will see when the collar last sent data. In addition, you will receive the latest news for each cat (configurable), for example if it entered or left the house, or alternatively if the battery needs to be changed. However, search mode can only be activated for one cat at a time since it makes no sense to simultaneously search for several cats that are sometimes in different locations. All this comes with a single user profile, without the need to login and logout.


Every cat needs its own KADDZ collar and has its own ID and its own GPS signal. Each collar also has its own SIM card installed. A monthly subscription fee must therefore be paid for each cat collar, but this includes all data transfers and mobile fees.

“My cat is sitting next to me but is shown as being outside on the KADDZ app. Why?”

There can be two reasons for this:

  1. In normal mode, the collar only transmits data every 15 minutes (to conserve battery power and not expose the cat to excessive radiation). If your cat just came home, then it may be the case that the collar has since then not sent any new information. Please wait for the next data transmission.
  2. If the home zone is not set up or the wifi network at home cannot be received well everywhere, then the collar is dependent on the GPS position. However, the GPS signal needs a clear path to the sky and when the collar is in a building where there is no clear line of sight to the GPS satellites, then it tries to get a position, which, if available, might not be very accurate. For cars on a road, a navigation system can be connected to a road map, but since our cats don’t only move on established roads, we cannot adjust the GPS signal accordingly.

The collar can be adjusted to a neck circumference of about 25 centimeters, which is the smallest recommended neck circumference. The collar does not need to hug the neck snugly – a space of two finger-widths can lie between the neck and the collar.

Weighing approx. 45 grams, KADDZ is recommended for adult cats weighing 3.5 kg or more. Most cats quickly adjust to their new collar.

The KADDZ GPS collar has passed tests for safety, radiation, electromagnetic compatibility and relating to chemical substances and materials, as well as for functioning in extreme temperatures, moisture and extreme mechanical stress and was awarded the CE grading.

Compliance with EU regulations

Suchmich Ltd. hereby declares that the KADDZ Model V01 is in compliance with the essential requirements and the other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/CE. For the full version of the Declaration of Conformity, please visit

The GPS receiver only receives signals transmitted from the satellites. Our bodies constantly encounter these signals regardless of whether we carry a receiver or not. Additional radiation is not produced by the GPS receiver. The GPS cat collar only emits a signal when it transmits data via the GSM mobile network. In normal mode, however, the collar sends data, depending on the selected profile, only once every 5-20 minutes for 1-2 seconds. During the remaining time, no data is received and the collar is in ready, or stand-by mode. Although it receives continuous control signals from the nearest base station, it only sends a short signal every few minutes.

The radiation itself is minimal, primarily because we rarely transmit data. Furthermore, we have tested the collar and everything conforms with the CE directives, which are quite strict. But to qualify, we must say that the measurements were with regard to human compatibility. There are no rules regarding the limits for cats.


The magnetic safety clasp helps prevent serious accidents. Unlike other cat collars, the KADDZ safety clasp takes into account the fact that cats are free-spirited animals and so always have the potential of getting stuck, or hurt somewhere on their adventures. Whether or not the safety clasp opens at the right moment depends on the weight of the cat, as well as on the direction of the pulling force.

If your cat gets stuck, it can open the clasp without difficulty using its own body weight.  And since you can always locate the collar, you should be able to find it again easily – provided the battery is not empty. To achieve the optimal amount of safety, the collar should be adjusted so that a finger’s width lies between the throat of the cat and the collar.

We deliberately chose a design that allows an easy escape. Our main focus during development was that the collar will always open easily, so that your cat is not exposed to any danger. We know that this may sometimes conflict with the objective of knowing at all times where your cat is, but your cat well-being is our top priority.

The solutions you are referring to (SMS on request) make use of a question-answer process. This is very easy to understand, but it excludes a number of applications. The operators do not have their own infrastructure. We not only transmit the GPS position of the collar to the server, but a variety of other useful data, as well. Here are a few examples:

  • Information on the battery level is sent with each data transmission and, whenever the battery charge reaches a certain level (e.g. less than 40%), the owner gets a message on their mobile phone telling them to change the battery at the earliest opportunity.
  • We save all data pertaining to your cat movements and can then show a map with your cat most frequent locations.
  • We store all the data from the accelerometer and can put together a profile of your cat activities, over time.
  • We notice, for example, if the collar has not sent GPS data for several hours. This indicates that your cat is in a building. We then alert the owner. We also know the last position which was sent before the collar lost GPS reception. This is valuable information if a search is needed.
  • After collecting a certain number of positions (e.g. 100), we automatically define the zone in which your cat typically moves. This zone is continuously refined. If your cat strays considerably from this zone, we can automatically trigger an alarm.

If the GPS collar does not regularly send data, but rather only when you ask the app. to do so, the operations mentioned are not possible. This means, for instance, that no statistics are available during the idle time; no alarms for particular situations during the idle time, etc.

We decided to develop a comprehensive and thorough solution that can give the GPS owner early notification in many situations. But for the regular transmission of data over the mobile network, a SIM card and an agreement with a telecom provider are necessary and we have already integrated a SIM card into the collar. To avoid making all of our customers sign a mobile phone contract, we have made an all-inclusive contract and merged the costs for our customers into one fixed monthly subscription fee, with no binding contract.



The comparison with the satnav (GPS) isn’t accurate since you sit directly in front the GPS unit and can read the information off the screen. The satnav only receives the GPS position and that doesn’t cost anything, but we need the GPS position (as well as other data) to be transmitted repeatedly over the wireless network, so that the owner knows where their cat and the collar are.

In normal mode, the GPS collar sends the last GPS locations and a variety of other data to our server, which then processes it every 5-20 minutes, depending on the selected profile. This data transfer via the mobile network therefore, is the same network that you use with your smartphone. Each KADDZ GPS Cat Collar has a SIM card installed. We offer a monthly subscription fee, which includes all data transfer and mobile fees. Currently, we expect about 50-80 transfers per day (the transfer rate is reduced at night and at home).

In normal mode, KADDZ sends the current GPS position and a variety of other data on average every 15 minutes, depending on the selected profile. The transfer is sent via the mobile network. Therefore, a SIM card is installed in each KADDZ collar. The annual fee includes all data transfer and mobile fees. Currently, we expect about 50-80 data transfers per day (the transfer rate is reduced at night and at home).

No, you don’t. Each KADDZ GPS Cat Collar already has a SIM card installed. All you need to use the cat collar is a KADDZ subscription. There is no activation fee or hidden charges – all mobile phone costs are included in the subscription. There is also no minimum contract term or notice. You can pause or terminate the subscription at any time, but we can give no refunds for payments made in advance.

The KADDZ GPS cat collar uses the mobile network from Telit.

The collar uses GPS satellites to determine the position and achieves an accuracy of less than 10 meters (accuracy of 7.8 meters in 95% of all measurements). The accuracy depends on the quality of the GPS signal at the time when your cat is, for instance, in a bush or standing beside a tree in the forest. Then the path to the GPS satellites is not perfect and therefore positioning is less accurate.

The official US government GPS website or provide further information on the accuracy of GPS.

Search Mode






















The whereabouts of your cat can be seen on the KADDZ map. However, the GPS position fixes are not perfect and it can sometimes happen that your cat is not shown at its exact location. This is rare, but can happen nevertheless. Before it transmits data again, the collar will recheck its GPS position and self-correct any mistake.

The collar gathers data for several minutes and then transmits this data over the mobile network to the KADDZ server. Thereafter, the data is overwritten on the collar. Without the activation code which came with the collar, it is useless. If you already used the activation code during setup of the app. (necessary in order to use the collar), another person cannot activate the collar themselves once again with the same activation code. Hence the collar is not useful to other people.

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