Instruction manual KADDZ GPS cat collar

With the KADDZ GPS cat collar you’ll always know where your cat is and you’ll learn a lot about its behaviour such as whether your cat is at home or discovering its surroundings, whether your cat is in a dark or sunny place or if its just leaving his regular territory.

The KADDZ GPS collar offers a variety of functions and is a high-end technology product. That’s why it’s important to handle the collar with the necessary care and caution. For example, to avoid damaging it, children should not play with the collar.

We now wish you and your cat(s) all the best and happy worry-free times.

First go through the following first steps completely, the chapters that follow in the instruction manual are about the activation of the KADDZ smartphone app, how to put the collar on your cat, the default and search mode and risks and safety information.