KADDZ GPS cat tracker

Cats are naturally curious and love their freedom. With the KADDZ GPS cat tracker, your outdoor cat can enjoy life outside without you having to worry about where your beloved pet is. The magnetic safety lock makes sure your cat can free itself in an emergency.

GPS cat collar set

The GPS tracker uses a GPS signal to locate your cat and provide information on the exact location of your cat via the GSM mobile network. At regular intervals, the KADDZ collar updates the data on the server and locates the latest position of your cat, should it be on the move. With the accompanying KADDZ app you can monitor your cats’ activities and find your cat if necessary.

The magnetic clasp ensures extra safety, no matter what situation your free-spirited pet may land in. The safety clasp opens when tugged at with a force of 3 kg.

We recommend the collar for cats with a body weight of 3.5 kg or more.

NOTE: The KADDZ collar set is currently sold out and not in stock!

88.28 (VAT depends on the destination country)
Vorschaubild - GPS cat collar set
88.28 (VAT depends on the destination country)
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Vorschaubild -

The KADDZ app

With the KADDZ app for smartphones, you always know where your cat is.

  • You can see where your cat is, either by GPS position (if GPS signal is available) or through the information on the surrounding WiFi (e.g. in a cellar or garage)
  • You know whenever your cat has left or entered the WiFi zone of your home
  • You will receive a message if your cat leaves its standard territory or enters one of the defined danger zones
  • You can enable search mode to live-track the cats’ whereabouts and turn on the light and sound signal to help you find the cat

KADDZ models

KADDZ is suitable for cats with a body weight of 3.5 kg or more. Scroll through the photo gallery with KADDZ models so you can get a picture of what the GPS collar looks like on the cat.

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