About us

Suchmich Ltd. is the trademark owner and B2C provider of KADDZ, a GPS tracker for cats. The company was founded in 2016.

Cat owners of outdoor cats often worry about the whereabouts of their cat when it's outside. Furthermore, some cats need medication on a regular basis which means they must come home at a certain time.

The KADDZ GPS tracking collar enables the cat owner to search his/her cat when it goes outside or missing, as the GPS and WiFi data locate its position. On the KADDZ app, the cat owner sees the current territory, heatmap, interesting paths, trail, and indoor/outdoor statistics of the cat. These data are delivered byways of mobile network. The network access and SIM are managed by Suchmich Ltd. The cat owner subscribes monthly to receive the collar location and activity information on the app.

Our vision

We believe in smart pet care products that contribute to animal well-being and connect
humans to their pets.

Our mission

Our products and services add to the safety and well-being of pets by providing smart, value-driven data to the customers.

Our values

We are visionary, innovative, and responsible.

Our team

We have an in-depth understanding of the pet, the product, and the pet owner, based on our personal experience as cat owners and professional experience as engineers (Tim Moser) and marketeers (Harriet Moser).

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