Smartphone app

With the KADDZ app for smartphones, you always know your cats’ whereabouts. The data sent by the GPS cat collar is shown on an interactive map – so you always know where your cat was last. You can register and track multiple collars in the app.

  • You can see where your cat is, either by GPS position (if GPS signal is available) or through the information on the surrounding WiFi (e.g. in a cellar or garage).
  • You will receive a message if your cat leaves its home or enters one of the defined danger zones.
  • The app displays the battery status, whether the cat is at home or outdoors and when the data subscription needs to be extended.
  • You can enable search mode to track the location of your cat and turn on the light and sound signal to help you find the cat. Please only activate the search mode when necessary, since it is battery-intensive.
  • Based on the movement data such as trail, territory, interesting paths or heat map, you can see where your cat moves around at what time.

You can download and install the iOS app (for iPhones) and progressive web app (for Android and Apple devices) here:

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