Tips for the search function

As spring progresses, the days get warmer and our cats become more active, you can see that clearly in the movement data in the KADDZ app: they spend more time outdoors and cover longer distances. We have put together a few important tips for the search function if your cat goes missing and you need to search for your cat.

Microchip or GPS tracker: how can you find your cat?

You can identify a cat with a microchip, but you cannot locate them. If your cat goes missing, you will not be able to locate the cats' whereabouts with a microchip alone. A GPS tracker however can help you find your cat in real-time.

How do WiFi, GSM, and GPS localization work?

The KADDZ collar uses WiFi, GSM, and GPS for location purposes. But how exactly does this tracking technology work?

Why do GPS cat collars need a data subscription?

The KADDZ cat tracker locates the GPS positions using satellites and sends these coordinates to our server via the integrated SIM card. A subscription is therefore required to cover the costs for the SIM card usage which we pay to our network partner.

What is the difference between a smart tag and a GPS tracker?

Smart tags such as the Apple AirTag or Galaxy SmartTag tracking device help you find lost, stolen, or misplaced items. But is the smart tag a suitable alternative to the GPS tracker when it comes to searching for your cat?

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