Tips for the search function

As spring progresses, the days are getting warmer and our cats are becoming more active, you can see that clearly in the movement data in the KADDZ app - they spend more time outdoors and cover longer distances. Here are a few important tips for the search function if your cat goes missing or you want to search for your cat:

  • Please pay attention to the battery status. If the battery is empty the collar does not provide any position data and cannot be searched or found.
  • If possible, wait until it’s dark outside; the light signal will be better visible, and disturbing noise emissions such as road traffic, chirping birds, or children playing will decrease and the sound signal will be easier to hear.
  • Label the collar with your telephone number so that a finder can contact you if necessary.
  • In addition to the search mode, you can also use the supporting app functions «Trail» and «Last seen WiFi» to facilitate the search. The trail shows the last positions of the cat, and the WiFi address can give an indication of the current location (neighbor, public building, or such).
  • Sometimes the app shows the cat as "At home" even though your pet is outside. This indicates your cat is in the WiFi area of ​​your home; the home WiFi defines the display as “At home”. As soon as the cat leaves the home WiFi, the collar starts registering GPS positions, and the display changes to «Outside».
  • Make sure you also look in basements, garages and attics as well as trees and on rooftops.
  • In dense undergrowth or in tall fields and meadows, a small drone may also help with the search. Some of our customers even used metal detectors.
  • If you still cannot find your cat or collar, please contact so that we can assist you with the search by evaluating the position data if necessary.

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