Why does the KADDZ GPS collar need a data subscription?

The GPS cat collar sends the last GPS positions and many other location data to our server at regular intervals and then processes these data. These data are transferred on a contractual basis via the cellular network (GSM) of our network partner. The operating costs for this data communication are charged to the customer as a data subscription and service fee.

How do the location data from my cat end up on my smartphone?

In the KADDZ app, you can see activity data of your cat such as the current location, the territory, interesting paths, the trail covered, or the amount of time the cat spends outside. This data is transmitted to the KADDZ server via the SIM card in the electronic part of the collar and subsequently to the app.

GPS devices use the signal from GPS satellites, the GSM network, and WiFi information to determine the position:

  1. The KADDZ collar determines the current GPS position via satellite signals.
  2. The built-in modem with the SIM card transmits the position data to the KADDZ server via the GSM cellular network.
  3. You can see the transmitted positions and processed data in the KADDZ app on your smartphone.

The principle can be compared to using a mobile phone: The mobile phone owner also pays monthly or annual subscription fees in order to be able to use the services (Internet access, telephone, SMS) of the mobile network operator.

The KADDZ GPS cat collar with a built-in SIM card offers the following advantages:

  • Waterproof: Thanks to the built-in SIM card, no water penetrates the housing
  • No charging / changing of the SIM card necessary
  • GPS trackers have a permanent connection and can provide an updated location every few minutes (with the active search function even live-tracking)
  • Worldwide location possible; our network partner covers approximately 200 countries, and selects the network with the best data reception
  • No high roaming costs abroad, these costs are already covered in the data subscription
  • GPS devices have a larger range and more precise positioning than direction-finding transmitters or Bluetooth trackers
  • You can check the location of your cat directly in the KADDZ app on your smartphone and don’t have to send an SMS to locate it
  • Theft protection due to the localisation (provided the collar stays on the cat)
  • Every KADDZ collar is uniquely identifiable thanks to the SIM card

However, these advantages come with a few compromises:

  • Due to the constant data transfer, GPS trackers require an additional monthly subscription fee
  • GPS devices have a higher power consumption based on the ongoing position requests; this is why the batteries are rechargeable
  • GPS cat trackers are designed for outdoor cats and the battery must last for at least one whole day. In addition, more technology is built into the electronics part than in a direction-finding transmitter or Bluetooth tracker. This makes GPS devices larger and more bulky than other tracking instruments.
The KADDZ app displays activity data of your cat such as interesting paths, the trail covered, or the current territory:

Are there GPS trackers without a SIM card and without a subscription?

Yes, there are GPS trackers without a SIM card or without a data subscription. However, the cat cannot be located when it’s on the move outside, tracking every few minutes is not possible. The GPS device must be connected to the PC to be able to download the recorded data.

How does a GPS tracker differ from a navigation device or a fitness tracker?

On a navigation device, the GPS position is only received and not processed further; with the KADDZ GPS cat collar, the GPS position (and other location data) is transmitted to the KADDZ app every few minutes via the mobile network of our network partner, so that you, the cat owner, can see where your cat (or the collar) is. The transmitted position data is displayed on the KADDZ app as GPS position, covered trail, territory, and interesting paths.

A fitness tracker with GPS functionality requires significantly less continuous use than a GPS cat tracker and is smaller in size because it uses less battery power.

Can I buy a prepaid card instead of a subscription?

In general, subscriptions are more suitable for frequent users and prepaid for those who do not necessarily require data transfers every day. KADDZ does not offer a prepaid contract because the KADDZ collar was developed for concerned cat owners so they can trace the location of their outdoor cat at any time.

What do I get if I take out a data subscription?

The monthly service fee from KADDZ ensures permanent data transmission from the collar. We pay a monthly fee to our network partner for the data usage on the SIM cards and in turn pass these costs on to our customers who use the location data for their KADDZ GPS cat trackers. The SIM card from our network partner can log into the networks of different providers worldwide and connects to the strongest network.

The KADDZ service fee includes the following services:

  • Data transmission and processing
  • Display of the cats’ movement data and activity statistics in the app
  • IT infrastructure, server operation and data management
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates
  • Technical support
  • Further development of the product

Will I get my money back if I buy an annual subscription and something happens to my cat?

The KADDZ data subscription can be purchased for 30, 90, 180 or 360 days and suspended after the purchased days have expired. If something happens to your cat during the subscription period or you no longer need the subscription for any other reason, we will refund the data subscription if at least 60 days remain unused. A percentage refund will be given based on the number of unused days (up to a usage time of 360 days).

However, our main goal is to keep your cat safe with the KADDZ GPS cat collar and we sincerely hope your beloved pet will live a long and happy life.

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