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With its magnetic safety lock and simple battery change, the KADDZ GPS cat collar is quite unique in the market. Unlike most currently available locators, our cat collar is fully optimized with GPS / GSM to meet the needs of cat owners:
  • Magnetic safety lock which opens at an adjustable tensile force of 2.5 kg.
  • Collar incl. battery weighs approx. 45 grams.
  • The battery run time is 4 days and depends on the reception quality, th
  • e field of application and the selected mode. Simple battery change without having to remove the collar.
  • KADDZ is equipped with a light and sound signal for the search mode.
It uses GPS positioning, continuously collecting data for locating your cat and showing all his/her activities and communicates via the GSM mobile network.. Long battery life In normal mode, the GPS cat collar’s battery lasts for 5 days. Two batteries are supplied with the collar so that you can charge one battery while the other is being used. Incidentally, the battery can be changed without taking the collar off your cat and it only takes seconds. Small and light With a weight of only 45 grams, the KADDZ GPS cat collar is suited for adult cats with a body weight of 3.5 kg or more. Most cats quickly get used to their new collar. KADDZ is also equipped with an accelerometer, two light sensors, a LED light and a buzzer for sending an acoustic signal. Thanks to the LED light and the buzzer, you can easily find a lost collar, or your lost cat. Push messages The GPS KADDZ collar continuously transmits data on the position and activity of your beloved pet. Even if your cat is sitting in a basement with no mobile reception, you can narrow the search using your cat’s last known position. Other products convey the position of your cat only on request, so when a runaway cat travels out of the reception area, he/she becomes impossible to find. Big range thanks to SIM card With the KADDZ GPS cat collar, the position of your cat can be found anywhere phone reception is available. So KADDZ is also ideal for cats who like to take big trips – unlike radio trackers, KADDZ even works over long distances thanks to its SIM card.

The KADDZ collar was developed for outdoor cats and is water resistant: The collar is protected against rain, snow and dirt (IP67 protection).

A collar with a GPS chip and an implanted TASSO chip are not comparable and we recommend that all cat owners get a chip for their cat. The collar allows the owner to find their cat.

Since the chip is located under the skin, it can only be read by persons with special reading devices (e.g. police, vets). This is both the "strength" and the "weakness" of the system. Since the identification can only be performed with a reading device, either the reading device has to be brought to the cat or the cat to the reading device. But unfortunately the effort involved often proves to be too great an inconvenience for the finder and so a found animal often goes unreported.

In Switzerland (where the figures are published) 323,000 cats are registered (as of 31/12/2013). In 2013, 513 cats were identified thanks to chip implantation and registration, but during that same period, between 8,000 and 16,000 cats disappeared.

It can therefore be said that the two systems are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. The chip used brings security but the owner has no means of finding their cat quickly and easily on their own unless they also use the KADDZ GPS cat collar.

Dogs have been a topic of discussion since the launch of our company. But dogs have very different requirements, meaning that the electronics would be similar, but the software would be very different. A dog is rarely as completely autonomous as a cat; for a dog, activity tracking is more important. Furthermore, a dog can carry a much bigger battery, although it does not even have to constantly wear the collar. For a cat, it is sufficient if you get a new position every 15 to 20 minutes (if you want to know where he/she is when you are at the office,). But for dogs you want a much more accurate tracking system when you take him for a walk. You see, there are a number of key differences we want to devote ourselves to, prior to introducing a collar for dogs.

KADDZ works in 200 countries worldwide. KADDZ transmits its data with a 2G mobile network. This network covers approximately 200 countries worldwide.

With the GPS KADDZ cat collar, the position of your cat can be found anywhere where phone reception and a clear path to the GPS satellites are available. Since the data is sent via the GSM network, there are no restrictions on the reach of the KADDZ GPS transmitter. Therefore, KADDZ is also ideal for cats who like to venture further afield. Unlike radio trackers, KADDZ even works across great distances, for instance anywhere in Europe, thanks to its SIM card.

You get all the necessary information about your cat on the KADDZ app for smartphones.

In normal mode, the KADDZ app shows you on a map where your cat was a few minutes ago.

  • You’ll be notified automatically when your cat spends a long time in an unknown building (e.g. basement or garage).
  • You know when your cat has left or entered your home (home zone).
  • You will receive a message if your cat leaves his normal territory (e.g. your yard).

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