Registering a user account

The KADDZ app is now available on your smartphone and can be started by clicking on the KADDZ symbol. In order for the app to receive data, a charged battery must be inserted into the collar. The KADDZ app leads you step by step through the activation of the collar.

In the event you already have a demo account, log on with this one and follow the steps under “Adding another collar“. The demo cats will then be replaced with the new collar.

When using for the first time, choose “Create account” on the start page.


Type in the registration code that you received when you got the KADDZ collar and confirm with "continue".


The code consists of four letters in each field, for example:


Daten Ihrer Katze

Now fill in the form with the information for your cat.

Foto Ihrer Katze

Now upload a photo of your cat. To do this the app needs access to your photo album.

Grösse zuschneiden

Afterward you can crop the picture to a suitable size in the app itself.

Namen Ihrer Katze

In the box “Cat #1” you can now add the name of your cat. Afterward click “Save“.


Enter your information, including name and password. All details can be changed later.

WLAN zu Hause

Enter your home zone here – this means your wireless network at home. The cat collar must be in the home zone for this.

Halsband auf der Karte

Now you’ll see your collar on the map depicted as a red circle with the number 1. As soon as your cat leaves the home zone you’ll see your cat’s pictogram on the map. 

During the first use or after a long period of inactivity, tracking can take several minutes.

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