Adding a user

To add a new user, first add him / her as a demo user so that the new user QR code can be scanned.

Neuer Benutzer

New user

The new user first registers as a demo user with the app.

Benutzer unter Einstellungen

The new user enters their registration details and the most important personal information.

After registration the user can see their code under settings / My profile.

The new user now waits for the registration process to complete.


Under settings, you now click on “User Management”.

Autorisieren eines neuen Benutzers

When authorizing a new user your camera application will be started. Scan the QR code of the new user by aligning the QR code within the relevant frame on your display. It will automatically recognize the QR code.


The new user information will be loaded automatically. You can now decide on the role of the new user for your account:

  • Administrator: The new user can see all the cats, change their collar settings and add more users.
  • Normal user: The new user sees all the cats, but cannot change some critical settings or add further users.


The new user is now authorized. You can see the new user in account administration.

Now ask the new user to log out and on again.

Side note

If the user already has a KADDZ collar, he / she doesn't need to register a demo account.

In this case the added user will see two houses with all the cats for which they have authorization.

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