Adding another collar

After you have successfully activated the first KADDZ collar, you can add additional collars.


Open the main navigation page and click on the “Settings“-button.

Halsband hinzufügen

In the settings under the Necklace section, click on “Add a new necklace“.


Type in the registration code, that you received by email when you got the KADDZ collar in the mail and click on “Next“.


The code consists of four letters in each field, e.g.:


Daten Ihrer Katze

Now fill in the form with the information of your cat.

Foto Ihrer Katze

Now upload a photo of your cat. To do this the app needs access to your photo album.

Grösse zuschneiden

Now you can crop the picture to a suitable size in the app itself.

Namen Ihrer Katze

In the box “Cat #1” you can now add the the name of your cat. Then click “Save“.


Now choose whether your cat is a house cat or an outdoor cat. After filling this in click “Confirm“.

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