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My cats

Under "My cats" you will find an overview of all relevant information of the respective cat.

This data is collected by the collar and transferred to the app. Therefore, if you have several cats, each cat should always wear the same collar.

Last transmission, battery, location, subscription

At the top, you can see when the collar last transmitted data. Below you can see the battery status, whether your cat is at home or outside, and how many days of data subscription you have left on the collar.

Cat profile, location data and data subscription

In the lower part, you can edit the cat profile, select the data frequency and add the home WiFi.

Here you can also extend the data subscription for the respective collar.


Under "Cat details" you will find the collar ID, the unique identification number. This ID is also printed on the electronic part. Please always share it with us when you need assistance.

Here you can also save the name, profile image, and other details of your cat, which will be helpful, for example, when visiting the vet.

If you have multiple cats, you can choose a different pin color for each cat to make it easier to distinguish the cats on the map overview.

Data frequency

The data frequency determines the time intervals between data updates. The faster the collar transmits data, the faster the battery will run down.

  • The standard frequency setting is suitable for outdoor cats that come home every day.
  • In battery-saver mode, the battery lasts longer but transmits correspondingly fewer positions. This setting is suitable for cats that like to be on the road for several days.
  • If you want to see as much position data as possible in a short time in the app, we recommend the "High frequency" setting.
  • Walk mode updates the position every minute. This mode is only suitable for limited outdoor excursions due to its short battery life.

Home WiFi

Please add your home WiFi. The cat collar must be in your WiFi area, connected to a battery, and transmitting data to do this.

The home WiFi defines the status "at home" (the collar is in your WiFi area) and "outside" (the collar is outside your WiFi area).

The collar uses less battery when it is within the home WiFi because it's not searching for GPS positions.

If you have repeaters, please add these, too.

Interesting paths

The collar displays "Interesting paths" in the app, provided the cat has covered a certain distance and the collar picked up multiple GPS positions in this time.


The "Trail" displays the last 5-10 positions of the distance covered by your cat, with timestamps. With the time slider, you can trace the trail back over time.


Dank der Heatmap wissen Sie, wo sich Ihre Katze gerne aufhÀlt. Je dichter die Punkte, desto hÀufiger hÀlt sie sich an dem Ort auf. Ist der Bereich Rot gefÀrbt, ist er besonders stark besucht.

Current territory

The size and area of the territory may change during the year, for example, if your cat spends more time near home in the winter and goes on long walks in the spring.

The territory can vary strongly from cat to cat, so don't be surprised if one cat has a huge territory and another does not go far from its home.


In the statistics, you can see how much time your cat spends outside and how much at home. This data can change depending on the season or weather.

This information can also be helpful in assessing your cat's health or mental state, e.g. if your cat hardly ever goes outside despite the nice weather.

Buy services

In the iOS app (iPhone), you can extend the data subscription directly in the app by 30 days. However, these subscriptions are more expensive than if you buy them on our webshop because Apple takes a 30% commission for in-app purchases.

In the Android app and web app (PWA), you can renew the data subscription in the KADDZ webshop for 30, 90, 180, or 360 days

Halsbandnutzung aktivieren

If you have purchased the data subscription on the webshop, you will receive an activation code (AC) by email after purchasing the usage days.

You can find the instructions for activating the data subscription here: Activate collar usage

Note: The iOS app (iPhone) does not offer this function, as you can renew the data subscription directly in the iOS app by clicking on the "Subscription" icon or the "Buy services" menu item.

Last seen WiFi

"Last seen WiFi" can help you search, especially in areas with higher WiFi density and/or when the collar cannot locate GPS positions because it is in a location with poor satellite reception.

More information and tips about the search function can be found here: Search function

Login page

If you see this login screen "Login page", please log out of the app and then log in again. This will make this login page disappear and you will be able to access all functions (heatmap, territory, statistics).

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