Collar registration

After installing the KADDZ app, you can create an account and add the KADDZ collar. The collar must be connected to a charged battery for the app to receive data.

Create a user account

When using for the first time, choose “Create user account” on the start screen.

Add a new collar

If you already have an account, please login with your email and password.

Then go to "My cats" and click on "Add a new collar".

Enter the registration code

Type in the registration code you received when you got the KADDZ collar.

The code consists of four letters in each field starting with RC, for example:


Confirm with "Continue". The new collar is registered.

Cat profile

Now go to "My cats" and fill in your cat's profile. This information can be helpful when visiting a vet or if you lose your cat.

You will also find the collar ID of the collar under the cat image in case you need technical support.

Cat photo

Now upload a photo of your cat by tapping the camera icon.

The app needs access to your photo album or camera on your smartphone to do this.

Home WiFi

Add your home WiFi. The cat collar must be in your WiFi area, connected to a battery, and transmitting data to do this.

The home WiFi defines the status "at home" (the collar is in your WiFi area) and "outside" (the collar is outside your WiFi area).

The collar uses less battery when it is within the home WiFi because it's not searching for GPS positions.

If you have repeaters, please add these, too.

User profile

Go to the menu item "More" and enter your data under "User profile".

All details can be changed again at a later point if necessary.

User management

Under "User management" you can invite additional users (family, friends, neighbors) to use the app.

The invited user receives an email with an invitation code. To redeem this code, he creates a user account in the app and confirms "I received an invitation message" before entering the invitation code in the respective field.

This user has a «viewer» role and therefore only limited rights for the app: he can activate the search function, but cannot, for instance, change the cat profile or edit danger zones - only the administrator can do that.

Home zone

Enter your address under "Home zones". You can then see your location as a house symbol on the map.

As soon as your cat goes outside and leaves the home zone (home WiFi), you can see your cat's photo on the map.

When using the collar for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, the location may take a few minutes.

Tip: If you want to change/correct the location of the house symbol, drag the house symbol to the corresponding position on the map.

Danger zone

Depending on your location (busy roads) or time of year (frozen lakes in winter or harvesters in summer), you can add danger zones.


Activate notifications to inform you when your cat is entering and leaving the zone.

Tip: If you want to receive additional SMS alerts when your cat enters and exits the danger zone, add your mobile phone number in the user profile.

Delete a collar

You can remove the collar from the app by swiping left. This action cannot be undone!

Tip: If you want to make the collar visible again, please contact us at

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