Collar status overview

Under Cat details / Reports you receive an overview of the current collar status. This gives you a summary of the cat's past activities and can also be used, for example, to find a lost collar.


The first overview shows the current position of the collar; if the cat is in the home zone, the house symbol is displayed. If the cat is outside of the home zone, the collar measures the GPS position and the app displays a cat symbol.

At the top right you will find the battery status and when the last data was transmitted and the last position was measured.

Important: This information does not refresh itself. To receive a fresh overview, you need to reload the information.

Übersicht Halsbandstatus


When the path tracking is enabled, the last 10 traced positions, including time stamps, are displayed.


The motion data will provide an overview of the collars' movements. This can indicate whether the cat barely moved in the last two hours (maybe because the cat is sleeping or the collar fell off) or if the cat is active. Higher bars indicate higher level of activity (cat is walking around).
This feature will be reactivated soon (app is currently being revised).


This feature has been removed and is currently disabled in the app.


With the WiFi you can see all other currently visible wireless networks in the area of the collar as well as their signal strengths.

Searching for and finding a lost collar

Should a cat come back home without its collar it usually means the safety lock opened on its own because the collar got caught on something. The information “necklace status overview” can (in addition to search mode) help to find it again; it is also helpful in the event that the battery should fall out at the same time that the collar went missing.

Last positions

When turning on path tracing, the last positions will be shown. If they are concentrated around a certain area, this is a good indication of the possible position of the collar. Individual outliers will quickly be recognized and don’t need to be considered.

Movement data

If the collar got lost and is lying on the ground, the movement data will be very low. If the collar moved it might have been picked up by someone else, or is lying in a vehicle.

WiFi data

Unknown or foreign Wi-Fi displays in the app can serve as additional indicators for the collars' location. This also works if the collar is in a building.

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