Data frequency

The KADDZ app offers four different data frequencies for the collar to send the current location at specific intervals. The standard setting is for normal use. This is easy on the battery, and the cat is not exposed to permanent radiation. 

You can choose how frequently the data refreshes in the cats' settings. To do this, go to "My cats" and click on “Data frequency”, on the respective cat.

Regardless of the frequency setting you select, we recommend a daily battery change, for example in the evening, to ensure that the collar always has enough battery power.

You can choose between four different data frequencies:

  • Standard (recommended):
    Transmits data every 15 minutes outside (GPS), at home every 30 minutes (WiFi).
  • Battery saver:
    Transmits data every 30 minutes outside (GPS), at home every 60 minutes (WiFi).
  • High frequency:
    Transmits data every 5 minutes outside (GPS), at home every 15 minutes (WiFi).
  • Walk mode (under development):
    Transmits data every 1 minute.

In the home zone, the GPS signal is not detected because the cat is within the WiFi area of its home. The collar checks every few minutes to see if it recognises the home WiFi, or if the cat is flagged as "outside".

Because of the time intervals between updates, it's possible that your cat may have already reached home, but the app still shows a position outside. With the next data transmission, the display will be updated.

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