First steps

Scope of delivery

On the top layer of the box you’ll find the KADDZ collar with two rechargeable batteries.

The bottom layer of the box includes the battery charger, the connection cable as well as the USB connector and and two size-adjustable rubber straps.

Charging the battery

Please charge the batteries before using them for the first time. The charge takes about three to four hours. Kindly note that the battery life is considerably shorter when it is not fully charged.

To charge, connect the charger (3) via the twist cap (1) to the battery. The USB cable (2) can be connected to the Euro power plug delivered with the package. While charging, the charger will light up red (3). As soon as the KADDZ battery is completely charged, the light will go out.

Disposal of old batteries

Batteries need to be disposed at an official recycling depot for batteries (risk and safety information).

Now you can connect the charged battery to the collar. Please fasten the battery to the collar with the bayonet catch / locking slide.

Collar lights up white: battery is fully charged

Collar lights up red: battery is not fully charged (< 80 %)

Collar flashes blue: collar is contacting server

Collar flashes green: collar is ready for use

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the collar lights up green before letting your cat outside.

The KADDZ app

To be able to use the KADDZ collar, you'll need the KADDZ app, available on Google Play Store (for Android smartphones), Apple iTunes Store (for iPhones), or as a progressive web app/PWA (works on all stationary and mobile end devices, incl. PC and tablets).

You can download the KADDZ app here:

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