Putting on the collar

Collar straps

You have received two size-adjustable collar straps with the cat collar. Put the collar with the battery around your cats’ neck and adjust the appropriate length for your cat.

Caution: The collar should not be too close or too lose around the neck of the cat (space for 1-2 fingertips between collar and cat neck).

Magnetic safety clasp

Now put the collar with the battery around your cats’ neck and close the collar with the magnetic safety lock. Important: The magnet of the rubber strap comes under the battery.

Make sure that no cat hair gets in between the collar and the strap by carefully turning the collar around your cats’ neck once. Trapped hair increases the risk of the cat getting rid of the collar because because pulling its hair makes the cat uncomfortable.

The KADDZ magnetic safety lock makes sure your cat can free itself if necessary.

If the cat gets stuck, the magnetic safety lock opens with a pulling force of approx. 2 kg.

If the cat lost the collar, you can locate it by activating the search function in the KADDZ app.

Bayonet catch

When changing the battery, please fasten the battery to the GPS electronics with the bayonet catch.

O ring

In case your cat takes off the collar too easily, you may apply a rubber ring to the magnetic safety clasp for additional security. The O ring (rubber ring) is placed around the battery and rubber strap and lies in the lateral grooves of the battery.

Make sure no cat hair gets caught by gently moving the collar around your cat's neck once. If cat hair is caught inbetween, it increases the risk of your cat losing the collar because it feels uncomfortable.


Although the KADDZ collar is small and light, it can be too heavy for smaller cats due to the battery size. We therefore recommend the KADDZ collar for cats with a body weight of 3.5 kg or more.

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