Risk and safety information

  • It is imperative to avoid very strong magnetic fields (e.g. transformers) as otherwise inconsistencies can arise in the transmissions. Failure to follow this precaution can lead to disruptions or damage to the KADDZ collar.
  • The cat collar is not made to be used by children or people with limited physical, sensory or mental capabilities or insufficient experience and/or insufficient knowledge, unless under the supervision of someone responsible for their safety or have received instructions from said person on how to use the device.
  • In some countries and regions there are laws regarding the digital positioning and locating of people, animals and/or objects. The user of the KADDZ collar is responsible for adhering to these laws and regulations.
  • Even though the KADDZ collar is small and light, it could be too heavy for smaller or wounded house pets. In case of doubt ask your veterinarian before you use the device for the first time.
  • This device is not manufactured for long-term or permanent data transmission. With long-term or permanent data transmission, the minimum distance between the antenna and the body of the user, or any other person found in the application area, must be at least 20 cm.
  • The operating temperature for the KADDZ collar and its accessories is between 0°C and 40°C. Low operating temperatures reduce the available capacity, very high temperatures reduce the life of the batteries.
  • The KADDZ collar may not be pierced or burned.

Handling the batteries

The KADDZ collar is delivered with two lithium-polymer batteries, one of which you’ll need to operate the collar.

Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries contain substances harmful to health and the environment and are considered hazardous waste. Batteries must be collected separately from household waste. If the batteries are not properly disposed of, the substances can harm the environment via groundwater or waste incinerators and pollute them. Please dispose of the batteries in accordance with national regulations or by returning them to Suchmich Ltd.

Batteries do not belong in the household waste:

Bedeutung der Batteriesymbole

Batteries will be recycled:

Please follow these precautions:

  • Keep batteries away from heat sources or areas with high temperatures, such as direct sun rays in a vehicle. That’s why the batteries should also not be charged in the car or near a heater.
  • Only charge the batteries with the USB cable delivered in the package. Charging the batteries in another way could lead to overheating, explosion or fire.
  • Disregarding these precautions can lead to a shortened life span of the built-in batteries or damage to the KADDZ collar.
  • There is a risk of explosion if the wrong type of battery is inserted.
  • The warranty expires if the above precautions are not followed.

Conforming with EU regulations

Suchmich Ltd. hereby declares that KADDZ is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.

The complete Declaration of Conformity can be found here:

Please follow the local rules of appropriate use. In some or all countries of the European Union this device might be limited in use.


Some features of the KADDZ model V01 depend on the installed software (iOS/Android), the available capacities and the settings of the local network and might fail to activate or can be limited in scope with certain local network operators or network providers. The descriptions found herein can therefore differ in some cases from the product.

No part of this manual may be in any way reproduced or transferred without prior written permission from Suchmich Ltd.

The KADDZ product as described in this manual may contain copyright-protected software from Suchmich Ltd. and other possible licensors. Customers may in no way reproduce, distribute, modify, decompile, dismount, encrypt, extract, reconstruct, lease, transfer or sublicense the said software distributed to them, in as far as such limitations are not forbidden by law or such measures are permitted by the relevant license holders.

Suchmich Ltd. reserves the right to change any information or statements found in this handbook without prior notification or obligation.

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