Search function

The ability to search for the cat is one of the most important functions of the KADDZ GPS collar.

IMPORTANT: Please only activate the search function after the newly registered collar has collected some position data. Also, the search mode only works if the collar is transmitting data and is connected to a charged battery.

If the cat goes missing or the collar is lost, you can activate the search mode. To do this, go to the map, choose the lost cat and click on “Activate search”. Please wait until the status changes from "in progress" to "active".

The activation may take several minutes, as the search function is activated with the next data update. Depending on the frequency setting, the activation of the search function takes longer.

Sound and light signal supports the search function, e.g. in the dark or in loud surroundings. You can activate sound and light by clicking on the respective symbol.

If the collar has enough battery, wait until it's dark outside: the light and sound signals are more visible and audible in the dark.

Distance indicator

Once the search is active, tap on "Active" to see how far away you are. Your location is shown as a blue dot that moves towards the lost cat or collar when approaching it.

To turn off search mode and/or the sound and light signal, tap on the respective icon.

The search mode is battery-intensive. Therefore we suggest only activating search mode when necessary.

Supporting search functions

"Trail" and "Last seen WiFi" can help you find your cat or collar. Look for your cat in the vicinity - especially in basements or garages where reception is poor.

This information may serve as an orientation aid, e.g. if you recognize the WiFi of your neighbor or follow the direction your cat took.

You can find more tips for the search function here.

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