Standard mode and search mode

Standard mode

The KADDZ app offers different modes of operation.The “Standard mode” is meant for normal use. The collar sends the current location at specific intervals. This is easy on the battery, and the cat is not exposed to permanent radiation. 

You can choose how frequently the data refreshes in the cats' settings. To do this, go to the cats' profile, click on “Settings”, then “Update Cycle Profiles”

In the home zone the GPS signal is not detected because the cat is in the WiFi area of its home. The collar checks every few minutes to see if the home zone Wi-Fi can still be received, or if the cat has left its home.

Because of the time intervals between updates it is possible that your cat may have already reached home, but the app still shows a position outside. With the next data transmission the display will be updated. Real-time data are only available in search mode.

The data transfer settings are currently fixed and cannot be changed manually: The collar checks the home zone ("at home") every 5 minutes or looks for a GPS position ("outside"). Due to these settings, the collar has a battery life of approximately 2 days. Please contact you prefer a different setting.

Search mode

If the cat goes missing or the collar is lost, you can activate the search mode. To do this go to the cats' profile and click on “Activate search mode”. The activation may take up to 15-20 minutes – the search mode is active when the message “Please wait, contacting the necklace” disappears.

If your cat just happens to be in a location where no cell phone reception is available, you will see the last position from which the collar sent an update to the app. Then search the area for your cat – such as in basements, garages or other locations where reception is not available.

Sound and light signal supports the search function, e.g. in the dark or in loud surroundings.

To turn off search mode, go to the red bar at the top of the map and click on the cross on the left-hand side.

The search mode is battery-intensive. Therefore we suggest only activating search mode when necessary.

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