Returns and warranty

Return policy

If you wish to return a product, this can be done in your customer account. We have listed the requirements below. 

Return period

Our return periods apply from the date of shipment. The date of the postal stamp applies.

14-day right of return

Subject to the below-listed limitations, all products purchased from Suchmich Ltd. may be returned within 14 calendar days.

No right of return

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the following returns:

  • Damaged products (with the exception of transport damage)
  • Products that are not in their original packaging
  • Products that do not include all accessories

Refund value

Provided that a product can be returned, the following refund regulations apply:

Full refund at purchase price:

  • The product is in its original packaging
  • The product is new or unused

Deduction depending on product condition (minimum 10%):

  • The product is opened or used
  • The product is not returned in its original packaging

Refund of subscriptions (collar usage):

  • Collar usage days purchased on the KADDZ website for 90, 180, or 360 days are refundable if a minimum of 60 unused days is left. A percentage refund will be issued according to the number of unused days (up to a usage period of 360 days).
  • Purchased 30 days of collar usage will not be reimbursed.
  • In case you purchased the monthly subscription directly in the iOS app, please request a refund from Apple.
  • Individually purchased usage days can not be accumulated.

Return shipping costs

Postal charges for the return shipment of products are borne by the sender.

Warranty policy

Should a product be faulty and constitute a warranty claim, please contact us at

Warranty period

Our return periods apply from the date of shipment or collection. The date of the postmark or the date on which the item is personally returned applies.

2 years warranty

Subject to the exceptions listed below, articles purchased from Suchmich Ltd. may be subjected to a complaint for 2 years if they are defective.

No warranty

We assume no warranty liability in the following cases:

  • Loss*
  • Damage caused by the user or the owner

*The safety of the cat comes first with KADDZ. The safety lock makes sure the cat can free itself of the collar in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, this also bears the risk that the collar may get lost. This risk is borne by the customer.

Repair outside warranty

Should the examination of the defective product conclude that the repair of the defect does not fall under the warranty, you can issue a "repair order outside warranty" at your own expense. If you don't wish to do so, we will return the unrepaired product or dispose of it. Expenses incurred for examining the defective product may be charged to you.

We do not offer repair service for spare parts with an expired warranty period.

Return shipping costs

Postal charges for the return shipment of products are borne by the sender.


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